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CEDIA 2010 Home Automation Demo

Thu, September 30, 2010 by

Just back from CEDIA 2010 where we delighted those that have been following our progress since last year by saying they could now buy our Voice Remote. On our stand we also demonstrated our voice control integration with Bitwise Controls‘ Home Automation system, which excited Bitwise and their new distributors alike.  We hope to have this plugin available as a product for System Installers in the next few months. It’s a great addon for our technology, bringing simple voice control to Home Automation.

Media Center A/V setup controlled by Voice Remote

Mon, September 27, 2010 by

I decided to make a blog entry on my current MediaCenter setup. I’ve been using Microsoft MediaCenter for five years or so to provide my TV viewing experience; I’ve run it on many PC hardware boxes during that time, both off-the shelf and home-made, but my current Windows-7 MediaCenter is running on a home-made box. It’s made from a 2.3 GHz quad-core Intel processor running on a Gigabyte GA-EP41 motherboard, with 4Gig of memory and 4Terabytes of storage.


Background plugin, always listening

Fri, September 24, 2010 by

A key component in our software for Windows Media Center is the Amulet Background Plugin. It’s loaded by Media Center when it starts, and is then continually ready to receive voice commands, independent of what else is happening in Media Center. It’s .NET C# code that interfaces to the MC API, and is independent of platform, as you’d expect with an MC addon.


Our First Review

Tue, September 21, 2010 by

It’s great to finally have the product shipping, and you know it’s hit the real world when you see the first review. Mike Garcen over at was quick out of the blocks and got his hands on the first of the first of a kind Amulet Voice Remote Control. He seemed pretty happy with the performance and quality, but that’s perhaps to be expected for a keen user. Still it’s great to get feedback and see someone enjoying a new way of interacting with their Media Center. I’d like to comment on a few of the points he made during his review.


Shipping date approaches

Thu, September 2, 2010 by

User guide coverWe’ve been keeping our heads down for the last few months at Amulet HQ as we finalise manufacturing details of the Voice Remote and put the finishing touches to the Media Center Plugin software and documentation.

EnGadget cleverly noticed that we recently achieved FCC approval for our MC accessory, which means that we’ll soon be shipping units to our patient customers!