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Amulet Support in VoxCommando

Mon, November 15, 2010 by

VoxCommando is an independent software application that adds voice control to a number of popular media player and home automation applications — not only Windows Media Center, but also XBMC, iTunes, MediaMonkey, MediaPortal,  and EventGhost.

We’ve been working with VoxCommando’s author, James Richards, to help add direct support for the Amulet Voice Remote when used with VoxCommando.

His additions allow VoxCommando to automatically detect when the Amulet radio link is idle and turn off voice recognition to save CPU cycles. It also automatically lowers the music volume when the Amulet microphone is active, to avoid loud music interfering with spoken commands. On-screen indicators track the current microphone state to provide additional visual feedback.

If you’re interested in Amulet, but not using Windows Media Center, or using a language other than English, this is great news — you can now use VoxCommando with Amulet and get all the benefits of voice control through a convenient hand-held device.


LinkSys DMA extenders fall off the grid

Sun, November 7, 2010 by

On November 4, members of The Green Button reported that their Linksys DMA 2100 & 2200 extenders were freezing on power-up and would no longer connect to Windows Media Center.

Some diligent investigation by several users revealed the problem: the extenders were attempting to connect to a central Linksys server which Cisco (owners of Linksys) had recently taken offline. The firmware handles this badly by refusing to continue until the connection succeeds.


HoustonWinMeet: A Windows Entertainment and Connected Home Meet-up

Tue, November 2, 2010 by

We’re one of the participants at the #HoustonWinMeet which is on in Houston, Texas on 30 November. You can see live and in person the Amulet Devices Voice Remote for Windows Media Center.

This meet-up brings together digital entertainment enthusiasts and experts from around the Houston-area, hobbyists and professionals who have embraced the power of the PC to power their digital entertainment experiences – everything from home theater PCs running Windows Media Center to PlayTo devices, home entertainment networks and mobile devices.

See the Missing Remote for more details.