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CES Day Three

Sat, January 10, 2009 by

After three days on my feet, I’ll be glad when the show is finally over! Two video interviews today – one with Richard Taylor of BBC’s Click technology show, the other with the team from Games On Smash, the online gaming website. Very different vibes, but both seemed to go well.

I had some entertainment earlier – two hard-core music fans passed by as I was giving a music demo and weren’t too impressed by the choice of music. I explained to them that Steve was responsible for selecting the artists, and they promptly headed over to Steve’s i-Stage stand and berated him on his poor musical taste. He still doesn’t know what happened (unless he reads this blog, of course…)

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CES Day Two

Fri, January 9, 2009 by

The show has been very busy for us over the past couple of days. Lots of foot traffic. Overall attendance seems down from the last time we visited in 2007, but the visitors this year are much more focused and serious – no tyre kickers!

Steve Ballmer’s keynote speech was quite engaging, with plenty of pyrotechnics. Of interest to us was the comment by the Media Center program manager that there are now more than 10 million Media Centers regularly connecting to Microsoft’s electronic program guide.

Good to see some local Irish journalists and other Irish exhibitors here. In fact, we’ve had plenty of international visitors, from countries including Germany, Norway, Denmark, the UK, France, Spain, Sweden and Japan. There’s a lot of interest from potential licensees, not to mention a large well-known Japanese consumer electronics firm.

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Prelude to CES

Wed, January 7, 2009 by

While we’ve visited CES before, this is our first time exhibiting here, so things are a lot more frantic than usual. Our booth is in the Sands Convention Centre, just beside the Venetian, which is quite a decent place to be – lots of interesting technology companies in close proximity to us.

Although booked our own stand space back in August, our shortlisting for i-Stage means we also have a booth in the new i-Stage area. With only myself, Steve, Garry and Pat attending, this was stretching ourselves quite thinly – but just about doable.

Our A/V supplier sent us Plasma screens instead of the requested LCDs, and neglected to provide any speakers. Getting all this sorted out took some time. We also ran into trouble finding the particular Kinco’s that had printed our press release (who would have guessed there’d be so many outlets that close to the exhibition center). But after a few frantic hours, everything was ready.

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