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Pushing and Pulling with DLNA

Wed, January 26, 2011 by

I’ve been using the DLNA capability of my Samsung TV for some time to directly access media stored on a Windows 7 PC, but I’ve recently tried out two other scenarios that work surprisingly well thanks to the inbuilt support in Windows 7.

The first is the ability to “push” a video (or other piece of media) from a PC on the LAN directly to my TV. By just right clicking on it in Windows Media Player and selecting “Play To”, it immediately starts playing on the TV!

The second is the ability to “pull” live TV content from a PC with a tuner card running DVBLink Source and Network Pack to another PC connected to the TV and running Windows Media Player. The secret here proved to be finding all the TV channels under “Recorded TV” in WMP — not the most intuitive place for live TV channel selection.

You can find some good information on Windows 7 DLNA here.

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