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Support forum is now live!

Sat, October 9, 2010 by

We have the Amulet Devices support forum up and running! It took a little longer than planned, but it’s there now. This should be your main avenue for support for your Voice Remote and the Media Center Plugin software. We actively monitor the forum and respond to support queries. There are currently three sections at the moment.

The first covers installation, any problems you might have getting the Amulet Voice Remote installed, connected to your Windows Media Center, or in relation to getting the Amulet Media Center Plugin software up and running smoothly.

The second area is for general support covering ongoing operation, performance, commands or any tips, tricks, or hints that might be useful. It doesn’t have to be purely support issues. We’re happy for users to exchange their experiences with each other.

There is also a forum for resellers and custom installers, which is not available to everyone. Please fill in the Reseller application form if you’d like to get access to this area.

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