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Thu, October 28, 2010 by

After seeing a demo of the Amulet Voice Remote Control at the UK Media Center User Group event in June, Ian Dixon from The Digital Lifestyle was really keen to try the remote for himself. You can see his video review of our unique Windows Media Center Accessory here.

I enjoyed watching Ian’s video and his experience with our Voice Remote. He seems cautious and formal at first, carefully unpacking and showing the viewers the details of the system. But after he has it up and running for a while, you can see his style change to one of excitement and pleasure at seeing his voice commands instantly recognised, allowing him to control his Media Center system. This follows the trend I have seen at various presentations and demonstrations. People are curious but a little sceptical, but when they see it work, and when they use it themselves, they become excited and enthusiastic about the possibilities. Seeing is believing!

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