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Common Commands

A-Z Listing of all Amulet Voice Commands




Be Quiet

Browse To





Delete {item name}

Delete Movie {movie name}

Delete Number {item number}

Delete TV Program {program name}

Delete Video {video name}



Fast Forward [Track]

Fast Reverse [Track]

Fast Rewind


Full Volume


Go Back [1 … 9]

Go Down [1 … 9]

Go Left [1 … 9]

Go Right [1 … 9]

Go To F M Radio

Go To Films

Go To Help

Go To Help Videos

Go To Internet Radio

Go To Live TV

Go To More Programs

Go To Movie Library

Go To Movies

Go To Music

Go To My Music

Go To My Music Albums

Go To My Music Artists

Go To My Music Songs

Go To My Pictures

Go To My Recorded TV

Go To My TV Programs

Go To My Videos

Go To Photos

Go To Profile Editor

Go To Programs

Go To Recorded TV

Go To Recorder Storage Settings

Go To Scheduled [TV] Recordings

Go To Screen Saver

Go To Slideshow

Go To Slideshow

Go To Slideshow Settings

Go To Speech Profile Editor

Go To Speech Profiles

Go To Start

Go To TV Guide

Go To TV Programs

Go To Videos

Go To Visualisations

Go Up [1 … 9]


Hide Artists

Hide Genres

Hide Help

Hide Playlists

Hide Songs

Hide Speech


Index Channel Names

Index Movies

Index Music

Index Photos

Index Slideshows

Index TV

Index Videos


Jump Back {distance}

Jump Forward {distance}

Jump Over Ads

Jump To {position}

Jump To Start



Loud Volume


Maximize Media Center

Medium Volume


Name That Song

Name That Tune


Next Chapter

Next Day

Next Page

Next Song

Next Track

Normal Volume




Pause Movie

Pause Program

Pause Song

Pause Track

Pause Video

Play {item name}

Play Album {album name}

Play Album Number {num}

Play Another Album

Play Another Artist

Play Another Genre

Play Another Song

Play Artist Number {num}

Play Artist {artist name}

Play Favourites

Play Genre {type}

Play Genre Number {num}

Play Movie

Play Movie {movie name}

Play Number {item number}

Play Playlist {playlist name}

Play Playlist Number {num}

Play Program

Play Program {program name}

Play Slideshow {slideshow name}

Play Slideshow Number {num}

Play Some {genre} [Music]

Play Someone Else

Play Something Else

Play Song

Play Song {song name}

Play Song Number {num}

Play Track

Play Track {track name}

Play Track Number {num}

Play TV Program {program name}

Play Video

Play Video {video name}


Previous Chapter

Previous Day

Previous Page

Previous Track




Rate That As (1-5) Stars

Rate That As Unrated

Rate This As (1-5) Stars

Rate This As Unrated

Record This / That

Re-Index Channel Names

Re-Index Movies

Re-Index Music

Re-Index Photos

Re-Index Slideshows

Re-Index TV [Programs]

Re-Index Videos

Repeat On / Off




Select Profile {profile name}

Set Media Center Full Screen

Show [All / Recent] Home Movies

Show [All / Recent] Movies

Show [All / Recent] Recorded TV

Show [All / Recent] TV Programs

Show [All / Recent] TV Shows

Show [All / Recent] Videos

Show {item name}

Show {movie genre} Films

Show {movie genre} Movies

Show Album {album name}

Show Album Number {num}

Show Another Album

Show Another Artist

Show Another Genre

Show Another Song

Show Another Track

Show Artist Number {num}

Show Artist {artist name}

Show Artists

Show Channel {channel name}

Show Channel {channel name} at {time} on {date}

Show Channel {channel name} on {date} at {time}

Show Channel Number {num}

Show Current Playlist

Show Date {date}

Show Favourites

Show Genre {type}

Show Genre Number {num}

Show Genres

Show Guide

Show Guide at {time} on {date}

Show Guide on {date} at {time}

Show Help

Show Help Videos

Show Movie {movie name}

Show Movies Help

Show Music Help

Show Music Queue

Show Now Playing

Show Number {item number}

Show Photos Help

Show Playlist {playlist name}

Show Playlist Number {num}

Show Playlists

Show Program {program name}

Show Queue

Show Some {genre} [Music]

Show Someone Else

Show Something Else

Show Song {song name}

Show Song Number {num}

Show Songs

Show Speech

Show Time {time}

Show Track {track name}

Show Track Number {num}

Show Tracks

Show TV Help

Show TV Program {program name}

Show TV Show {program name}

Show Video {video name}

Show Videos Help

Show What’s Playing

Shuffle On/Off


Skip Back {distance}

Skip Forward {distance}

Skip Over Ads

Skip To {position}

Skip To Start

Slow Motion

Soft Volume

Sound On / Off

Start Typing

Stop Movie

Stop Program

Stop Song

Stop Track

Stop Typing

Stop Video


Tell Me About Genres

Tell Me About Playlists

Tell Me About Profiles

Tell Me My Genres

Tell Me My Playlists

Type In


Update Channel Names

Update Movies

Update Music

Update Photos

Update Slideshows

Update TV Programs

Update Videos


Volume Soft / Medium / Normal / Loud / Full

Volume Up / Down


Watch {item name}

Watch Channel {channel name}

Watch Channel Number {num}

Watch Film {movie name}

Watch Movie {movie name}

Watch Number {item number}

Watch Program {program name}

Watch Slideshow {slideshow name}

Watch Slideshow Number {num}

Watch TV Program {program name}

Watch Video {video name}

What Can I Say?

What Genres Do I Have?

What Is The Time?

What Movie Is This / That?

What Playlists Do I Have?

What Profiles Do I Have?

What Program Is This / That?

What Song Is This / That?

What Time Is It?

Who Are You Listening To?

Who Is Talking?

Who Is This?

Who Sings This / That?