Speech Recognition FAQ's

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

What if I forget what commands to say?

At any time, you can say "Help" or "What can I say?" to call up an instant help screen that will guide you through the commands you can issue.

Do I need to train Amulet to recognise my voice?

Amulet recognises most speakers with no special training required. Over time, Amulet automatically learns the characteristics of your voice so that accuracy continues to improve. If you find Amulet has trouble recognising your particular voice, you can run through a five minute training wizard; however, this is needed for only about ten percent of users. For more information, see the Training section of the user manual.

My partner and I have very different accents. Will Amulet recognise us both?

If required, Amulet allows you to use different profiles for each speaker. You can select your profile by simply saying "This is John" (or whatever your name is) and Amulet will then use that profile when recognising any additional commands. For more information, see the Advanced section of the user manual.

Can I add my own speech commands to Amulet?

Yes, Amulet allows advanced users to add custom speech commands which can issue spoken responses, queue up particular music or video clips, or even invoke external applications. For more information, see the Custom Commands section of the user manual.

Can I use a command word in front of Amulet commands?

While Amulet will recognise commands with no explicit prefix word, some users like to give their Amulet system a name such as "Computer" or "Henry". You can set this command word on the Settings screen, and then all commands you issue must start with that command -- for example, "Computer, Play Artist Madonna". If you use Amulet in particularly noisy environments, you may find that this helps Amulet to better recognize what you say.