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TOPIC: installation

installation 9 years 4 months ago #703

  • wayne crabb
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I guess i really dont understand at all the installation for this remote. i have a window7 computer upstairs in my bonus and my sharp 70 inch tv is down stairs. so how do i start the installation process. does the dongle go to port on my computer or my tv (if it has a port) or what. does the media center have to be loaded on my tv for this remote to work and if so how do i get the media center on my tv. do i have to have wi-fi router with bridge or what. i do have u-verse tv and u-verse internet. i am thinking the tv and dongle must be in the smae room and close to each other. how mant feet will the remote work from the tv. i am not stupid but need to know how to hook all and everything up before i buy this remote, which i would very much love to have if it will work for me and my equipment.
thank you so much
hope someone will help me out
P.S. have read all the brouchures and installation and manual you have online but did not help me
thanks again
wayne crabb
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Re: installation 9 years 4 months ago #705

  • chef
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Hi Wayne,

the Dongle definitely should go into the USB port on your PC. This is how AMulet knows you have bought the program and hence will not give you a 30 minute free trial. The registered product information is kept in the dongle.

I have used the remote control up to eight feet away, in another room and it still worked flawlessly.

I'm not sure what u-verse TV is, but it sounds cool. Does it send the TV stream through your home network or something?

Perhaps the actual Admins and Devs on the site may want to weigh in, but I hope that i have helped a bit.

good luck,

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