The Amulet Media Screens Print

Regardless of the media type, all the media screens behave similarly. A list of available videos is shown to the left, while the right-hand panel shows information about the currently highlighted video or group of videos.

A scrolling carousel along the bottom shows additional choices available to you.

Use the arrow keys on your remote control to navigate around the screen. Use Up and Down to move through the current selection of videos, Right to play the highlighted video item or enter a sub-menu, and Left to move back up a level. You can also use Channel Up / Down to move through the video list a page at a time.

While you are viewing the Amulet video screens, you can select any item displayed on the screen by simply saying SHOW {NAME} to display information about that item. PLAY {NAME} will immediately begin playback of that item. You can also use SHOW NUMBER {NUM} or PLAY NUMBER {NUM} to select individual items by the number displayed beside them.

SHOW and PLAY also work for video names displayed in the summary panel to the right, when you select a video sub-menu, and for menu names displayed in the scrolling carousel at the bottom of the screen.