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You can access the Amulet user interface pages using the Amulet menu strip available on the Media Center start page. Introductory videos demonstrating how to use the software are located under Help Videos on the Amulet menu strip, or you can just say SHOW HELP VIDEOS to call them up.

The following videos are available - click a title to view on YouTube:

  • Amulet Introduction: plays during installation to introduce the capabilities of your Voice Remote.
  • Amulet Remote Hardware: demonstrates the key elements for installation and charging of your remote
  • General Help: provides an overview of the key features of your Voice Remote
  • Music Help: demonstrates how Amulet lets you control your music
  • TV and Video Help: demonstrates how Amulet allows you to work with your TV programs, videos and movies
  • TV Guide Help: demonstrates how Amulet allows you to move around the TV Guide.
  • Troubleshooting Help: shows some checks to carry out if you are having trouble getting commands to work
  • Speech Profile Help: explains how Speech Profiles can be used to support people with very different voices using your Amulet Voice Remote
  • New: My Movies Walkthrough: shows how to use Amulet 3.0 to control My Movies for Windows Media Center
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The quick reference cards included in the box are a key reference point as they summarise the voice commands you can use. Keep these handy to find relevant commands.

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The guide does not provide a detailed explanation of all areas of Windows Media Center but rather provides specific information to allow the efficient operation of Windows Media Center using your voice.

For information about operating Windows Media Center using the remote control buttons, please refer to your Media Center documentation.

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This guide is one part of a linked set of help information that includes:

User Guide PDF Print E-mail

The User Guide is designed to provide guidance on complex operations that are not covered elsewhere. If you need to do something just look it up in the Contents page and go to the step by step instructions for that operation.

The guide also provides help in setting up your system to get the best from your Amulet Remote. If you get into difficulty, the guide is the place to come for troubleshooting advice.

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