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How do I install the Amulet software? PDF Print E-mail

On most systems, simply exit Media Center to the Windows desktop, insert the Amulet software CD, and the installation will begin automatically. If you are prompted by Windows to run Setup, just click the Setup icon.

The installation cannot be carried out while Media Center is running; if you insert the CD when Media Center is active, Amulet will ask you to exit first.

Can I install the software using remote desktop to my Media Center? PDF Print E-mail

Although you can install the software in this way, we do not recommend it since at present, your media collection will not index correctly. Please install the Amulet software using the main display and login on your Media Center system.

USB dongle is not correctly recognized for license purposes PDF Print E-mail

We have seen an issue where sometimes the USB dongle is not correctly recognized and the Amulet software runs in a limited evaluation mode. Users who experience this problem should email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to resolve the issue.

Known issue with software version 2.17.50

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Beta Version Installation PDF Print E-mail

The beta can be installed in the normal manner, after downloading from the Amulet Devices web site.