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Amulet allows you to easily change the volume with commands such as MEDIUM VOLUME, FULL VOLUME, and so on. Here, you can adjust the exact volume level corresponding to each command to suit your personal preference. Volumes range from 0% (silent) to 100% (full).

Full Volume:

Default: 100%

Loud Volume:

Default: 85%

Normal Volume:

Default: 70%

Medium Volume:

Default: 50%

Soft Volume:

Default: 30%

Controlling Other Devices PDF Print E-mail
Voice Remote

The Amulet Voice Remote is a learning remote. You can teach it infra‐red codes for any of your additional equipment, for example your TV or hi‐fi amplifier, and then use buttons on your Amulet remote to control those devices.

Amulet supports two types of learning: basic keys, which are available all the time, and extended keys, which are available only when a particular device keymap is selected.

Do I need to train Amulet to recognise my voice? PDF Print E-mail
Speech Recognition

Amulet recognises most speakers with no special training required. Over time, Amulet automatically learns the characteristics of your voice so that accuracy continues to improve. If you find Amulet has trouble recognising your particular voice, you can run through a five minute training wizard; however, this is needed for only about ten percent of users. For more information, see the Training section of the user manual.

What happens when I add new music or films to my media collection? PDF Print E-mail

Amulet will detect any new Recorded TV Programs as they occur. For other media types, Amulet automatically picks up new media during its nightly scan, and you can also force an update at any time by saying "Update Music" or "Update Videos", for example.

What does the Amulet ShuffleSongs option do? PDF Print E-mail

If you enable ShuffleSongs in the Amulet.ini configuration file, Amulet will randomise the songlist for any musical Artist you select, to provide more variety. Once randomised, you can browse and step through the songlist in the normal fashion.

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