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Amulet organizes your television programs into two categories:

  • Recorded TV includes any program that has been recorded directly on your Media Center.
  • TV Shows are programs containing multiple episodes. These include many recorded programs and also video files you may have downloaded from the Internet.

TV show episodes have both an episode name and a series name. You can select episodes directly using the episode name, or use the series name to show a list of all episodes in the series.

Can I use a command word in front of Amulet commands? PDF Print E-mail
Speech Recognition

While Amulet will recognise commands with no explicit prefix word, some users like to give their Amulet system a name such as "Computer" or "Henry". You can set this command word on the Settings screen, and then all commands you issue must start with that command -- for example, "Computer, Play Artist Madonna". If you use Amulet in particularly noisy environments, you may find that this helps Amulet to better recognize what you say.

Adding new media files to your collection PDF Print E-mail

In order to select media items by voice, they must appear in the Amulet media index. If an item appears on the Amulet user interface pages, then it is in the index and you can select it by name.

Amulet performs an initial scan of your media files during installation. Thereafter, it re‐indexes your media every night at 5 am.

Newly recorded TV shows are indexed automatically a few seconds after the recording finishes, so that you always have instant voice access to your latest TV programs.

When you import new music, photos or videos, into Media Center, you can ask Amulet to re‐index those files immediately using one of these voice commands:

  • RE‐INDEX CHANNEL NAMES (used when you edit your TV channel lineup)

Indexing takes place in the background, so you can continue to use Amulet as usual while the index is rebuilt. Amulet will tell you when indexing is complete, and you can then access your newly added media items by voice.

For more information on these, and other command variants, see the Amulet Speech Commands section.

Can I install the software using remote desktop to my Media Center? PDF Print E-mail

Although you can install the software in this way, we do not recommend it since at present, your media collection will not index correctly. Please install the Amulet software using the main display and login on your Media Center system.

Installation problems PDF Print E-mail

If you have not already done so, watch the Amulet Introduction video, via the Amulet menu strip on the Media Center Start menu, for a brief overview on how you can use your Voice Remote.

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