Assisted Living Media Center


An assisted living media center – your passport to hassle-free entertainment.

An assisted living media center can help those who need easy access to their favourite media - TV shows, music or their DVD’s. For those who require special modifications to their home, the idea of installing a media center that works with gesture and voice control is a pretty appealing concept. Homes of today are moving beyond the usual expensive gadgetry and widescreen LCD TV’s - they can now offer the type of technology that operates your equipment without you even having to push a button. With voice activation, this is finally possible.

One of the first steps you need to take to benefit from this new technology is to acquire a media center that can accommodate a voice controlled remote. Most of the new media hardware devices come with Windows 7 as the operating system; this has an excellent media center and one that is fully compatible with the Amulet remote and its software. The media center itself is basically a modified computer that should work with any existing home theatre set-up. Once you have installed your media hardware, you will need to load the media you want to enjoy onto the hard drive of the machine. The next step is crucial – buying the best remote to suit your requirements.

Voice activated remote controls such as Amulet are the type of solution you should choose if mobility is a challenge and you need a reliable media controller that will both instantly recognize your voice and the type of media that you have in your collection. The Amulet remote will recognize and translate your voice into system commands that will scroll through your music, play your videos and record your favourite TV programs. There is no need to press a button to activate the Amulet either, simply lift it upright and the microphone activates. If you wish to flip through the covers of your music or images, simply move the remote, and the pictures flip by as they would a real-life album. Convenience like this is only possible with the Amulet remote.

Having limited mobility shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying their favourite entertainment at home - . For an assisted living media center remote control that suits your lifestyle, visit today and discover a new way of taking control.