Media Center Voice Control


Understanding your voice controlled media center.

Your new media center with voice control is something you’ll really enjoy. This is a powerful, user-friendly device that has been designed to accommodate the needs of any user. For those who are yet to jump into the exciting world of Amulet, we have prepared a list of questions and answers tdesigned to  inform even the most novice of users – welcome to the world of remote media control!

  • I have many other applications that require voice control, such as Skype. Is it possible to use amulet for other purposes?
    You can use the Amulet remote control as a standard microphone for any Windows compatible application. Skype for instance, would stream your voice through the remote and output the audio through the television.
  • I am always updating my media; will Amulet instantly pick this up?
    Yes, your media center will scan for any new files as they are added. If you think that this is not happening though, you can perform a manual update whenever you desire by speaking into the remote and saying ‘Update video/music’.
  • For videos that I download off the internet, how should I rename them in order for Amulet to recognize them?
    Add your media files to the folder that you have instructed the media center to monitor. For movies, they merely need to be the name of the film. A TV series must follow the form of TV show S(season) E(episode). So ‘Glee S02E03.avi’ would be the ideal filename.
  • Will my Amulet remote work with the standard Windows Vista or Windows 7 Media center?
    Amulet will, but the ideal situation is to use Amulets special user interface (UI). The Amulet UI provides instantaneous audio and visual feedback, whereas the standard media center may not provide the same level of functionality.
  • I have many wireless devices on my Wi-Fi network; will amulet interfere with my signal?
    Amulet does make use of a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band, yet it uses its own unique chipset to both detect and route its signal to the correct transmitter and this ensures no interruption of signal.

Enjoy the power of a media center with voice control and visit for further information. .