Voice Activated Media Center


The voice activated media center

A voice activated media center is one of the smartest setups you can install for the TV junkie. The young and healthy take the simplest actions for granted – like getting up and changing the channel. But as we age and our bodies let us down, even basic tasks can involve intricate muscle movements that give rise to aches and pains – just changing the channel can seem like too much hassle.

So new developments like a voice activated media center remote control offers the elderly a chance to have more control over their entertainment and less stress in choosing the right channel or music or listen to. This can greatly enhance the quality of life available to those with mobility challenges. Obviously this includes not just the elderly but also the disabled and those suffering short-term illnesses.

The first step is to acquire a media device that enables you to control your media files. These are called ‘Media Tanks’ in some countries, and they usually involve combining a standard computer with a powerful hard drive, turning it into a DVD-like device in appearance. An operating system and software is then installed - the interface needs to be intuitive enough to work correctly in the hands of any user, regardless of their computer knowledge. Windows 7 and Windows Vista have outstanding media centre GUI’s (general user interfaces) yet there are many cheaper options as well, such as Linux that work just as well.

Once your centre has been chosen and the operating system correctly loaded, it is time to transfer your media over. Music, TV shows, Movies, podcasts, and other formats can all be loaded and then indexed by the system.

Then it gets interesting as voice recognition functionality can be added now through a specialist remote control device. The TV remote effectively becomes an advanced microphone that is able to recognize a user’s voice input instantly. After a simple setup, the user can begin to control their vast media library only using the power of their voice.

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