Voice Activated TV Remote


Voice activated TV Remotes: the FAQs!

For some people its not as easy to operate their voice activated TV remote as easily as it is for others – this article offers a series of FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) to help answer easy and complex questions. Check it out and hopefully we can solve some of your nagging issues.

  • I can’t remember the commands, how do I pull up a list of them?
    As you use the remote, at any time you can say, ‘what can I say’ or ‘help’ into the remote and a menu of helpful commands will popup - this will guide you through any voice control issues.
  • Must my remote control be trained; is this the only way it can recognize my voice?
    The Amulet remote control is designed in such a way that it can work straight out of the box. Vocalize your command and your remote will recognize exactly what you need to do. Over time, the remote will begin to pickup certain nuances in your voice; this will make the process more streamlined. For those who cannot get the remote to play ball, a quick training wizard is also at hand.
  • Can I add my own vocal commands to my remote control?
    The simple answer is, yes. The advanced user will be able to add in a custom speech command, this allows one to add shortcuts to their already streamlined process.
  • I want to personalize my experience; can I give the remote a name?
    As odd as it sounds, you can. This is called a command word and it can be added to the front of any sentence. You can set your command word in the settings screen. An example would be, ‘Windows; play all of my music.’
  • I do not like the voice that Amulet comes with, can I use another one?
    Yes you can, if you install a Windows-compatible synthetic voice from Amulet or from another supplier, your system can take on a life of its own. You can also silence the voice completely by turning it off from the settings menu.

We hope this article helps you, for further advice on how to customize your voice activated TV, visit www.amuletdevices.com and change the settings to suit your style!