Voice Activated TV Remote


A voice activated TV remote: how your streaming media will benefit.

Now anyone can own a piece of the future, namely a voice activated TV remote. With the correct use of your modern, functional voice activated TV remote, you can save time and enjoy your media collection from the comfort of your own chair, without even having to lift a finger. You can use the remote in conjunction with your media center and create a setup that will last for many years to come. One thing that can be challenging to rely on is a streaming wireless connection. Often the connection can be too slow to effectively play your music, videos or podcasts. Read below and make use of a few of these tips and tricks to improve your wireless connection:

  1. Location, location: position your wireless router away from thick walls and radio interference. The best position would be in the center of your home. If this is impossible to do, then there are still plenty of actions that you can take to create a better signal.
  2. A new antenna: This is a simple fix but one that is often overlooked. The antenna itself can be replaced with a high-gain version. This antenna will broadcast the signal in one direction only, as the usual omni-directional antenna will waste broadcasting strength by directing the signal into a solid brick wall.
  3. Add a repeater: A repeater is a small piece of hardware that looks like a standard router, except that it only exists to ‘bounce’ your wireless signal even further. This is an effective solution but it can be expensive.
  4. Stick with one brand /manufacturer: For instance – if you have a Dell network adaptor in your media center, then it would be best to purchase a Dell wireless router. Manufacturers often include massive performance boosts in their products, if they are working in tandem.
  5. Cut out on the wireless clutter: other wireless devices that work on the 2.4 GHz frequency will interfere with your wireless connections ability to stream media. A high quality voice activated TV remote should work on its own unique frequency; this will ensure less wireless ‘noise’.

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