Voice Control


The needs and wants of a media centre with voice control

A media center with voice control must have a certain set of features for it to work effectively. If it lacks functionality in any of the areas listed below , then it’s probably time to consider upgrading your automation device. Here’s the top features we recommend for your device.

  • it should recognize all media by its name. For example, if you are selecting a riveting episode of ‘24’ then you will want to easily say ‘Season 4, Episode 23’ without the system hanging or selecting ‘Desperate Housewives’ by accident.
  • A distinctive audio response to your questions is very useful  Let’s say that you hear a song on random playback from any one of your thousands of saved music files. Simply asking the question  ‘what song is this’ should garner a response from the system that tells you the song title.
  • For busy households such as families where there are multiple users, a remote control that can switch from voice control to manual button input is useful to have. Making it easy to switch back to the old fashioned buttons means those whose voice may not be recognized (or temporarily lost!) can have quick access to the conventional remote with no hassle.
  • Speaking of multiple users, a remote control that can be assigned user profiles including options such as personal favourite artists etc would be useful,
  • Pause functionality and timeline control integration (used with Sky+ for example) is a great feature to have. Instead of searching through your media for the exact moment you stopped watching a movie or listening to a song, you can simply resume your playback at that exact place.
  • Search for a device with cross-platform capabilities. If the remote can control your DVD player and your sound system, for example, it makes life that little easier. .

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