Voice Recognition


Google jumps onto the voice recognition wagon

Voice recognition is a powerful tool – yet it is one that has not been harnessed to date by mainstream device manufacturers. . So it’s a welcome development to see the launch of such hardware devices as the voice activated media centre or the Natal (a future motion/voice device for the Xbox 360). These devices have created a buzz in the world of autonomous voice recognition due to their novel approach in the application of voice recognition technologies.

However trust Google to be one of the first companies to embrace the practical application of voice recognition to a search engine. Google has already conquered most of the online mobile and web market, so why not eliminate the need for physical, typed sealtarches all together?

Google’s own voice recognition search services were turned on a year and a half ago, with availability in some geographies being present for the iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry and their very own Android OS. One of the most pertinent factors to get right was the accuracy, because the user needs to experience a ‘frictionless’ environment. Google’s own voice search is based on their Language Models. This Language Model is a form of artificial intelligence – much like their own search engine, and it predicts the pattern of words that are most likely to be spoken. It knows that the boy jumped is more likely to be said then the boy popped for instance. Speak a few words, and the remainder appears in your browser; this is one of the solutions they are applying to their own voice recognition rules.

Google researchers have compiled a list of the one million most frequently typed words, forming a vocabulary that will in turn train their own voice systems. Google will continue to develop this application and users own search queries automatically build the system passively. As voice recognition continues to grow, visionary companies such as www.amuletdevices.com will harness this technology in a practical way for consumers worldwide. The voice activated media centre is the beginning of this journey of innovation.