Windows 7 Media Center Remote control


The perfect Windows 7 Media Center Remote control for you.

With the Amulet Windows 7 Media Center Remote, your windows media center will now be able to understand your vocal commands clearly. Yet despite your fully featured voice control, the Amulet remote can also be used in a traditional way and you can navigate through your collection with the touch of a button. Select the menu, skip and pause through your videos and raise the volume in an instant. The cool technology begins once you lift the remote vertically, this will activate the inbuilt (wireless) digital audio link. The microphone logo will then turn red and you can begin to talk directly to your actual media center. The Amulet software will then analyze and recognize certain phrases, all in real-time. Once you have completed what you need to say, lower the remote and the Amulet device automatically stops listening.

Windows 7 Media Center Remote control Technology

Only the very highest in speech recognition technology is used and advanced circuitry combines with the remote in order to effectively eradicate any interference and background noise. In the noisiest of environments, the Amulet controller will recognize your voice. Even more amazingly, it will understand your voice without you needing to train the system first. If you wish to create a better user experience, a quick and painless training utility can be activated.

Navigate the endless amount of media options that you have on your Center, with a flick of the wrist or a voice command. Stop searching and enjoy the pleasures of high-definition entertainment – the Amulet remote will find your media with its search functionality, just ask and your video, music, photo or TV show will load. Your television channel changes in a flash; simply say then name of your channel and even use the power of technology to skip ad breaks! If you wish to browse your DVD library, say the name of your movie, sit back and enjoy!

For music files, the device will index your collection and search through your albums to find the song or artist you are looking for. While the song is playing, use the motion control to flip through the covers. View your images in conjunction with your music and create a slideshow that you can be proud of. All of this technology is available today, in one of the best Windows 7 Media center remote controls currently available. Visit for further information.