Windows 7 speech recognition


Windows 7 speech recognition comes of age: Enter the media player

Did anyone ever believe that Windows 7 speech recognition would become such a prevalent tool? When it came to market originally, voice recognition was - at best - a novelty that quickly wore off once the lack of control was highly apparent. New technological developments now enable manufacturers to create a level of voice recognition functionality that has never before been feasible.

A new product recently launched – a voice activated controller for your media centre - offers the end user a practical and stylish device.  Why bother clicking on a button and navigating countless menus when you can simply just say what you want to hear or see? It’s good to know that after so many false starts with voice recognition technology, there are now new applications that are useful and actually work effectively.

One of the drivers of new voice control innovations is a clearer focus on user experience and needs. In the past companies failed to deliver on their promises in this area due to many reasons - a lack of of experience, limited user research and a failure to look at real market opportunities. The benefits of voice control for the visually impaired or those with mobility issues, for example, are obvious. However for anyone who simply has a lot of media in different formats, a media center voice control device means they can enjoy easy navigation of their media and avoid the endless menu selections normally necessary to navigate through large media collections.

The newer applications offer multi-faceted functionality; choose to remotely access your media files to re-organise or “clean out” easily or sit back, tell the media center what you want to hear or view and  enjoy endless entertainment without lifting a finger. It’s probably fair to say that this is a technology that you should experience for yourself  - to understand the full potential of voice activated media devices. With a decent Windows 7 speech recognition remote control, you may never have to leave your couch again.

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