voice activated remote control


The Voice Activated Remote Control: Come alive with an Xbox 360!

Not many know this, but an Xbox 360 is the perfect media center, it will even work in conjunction with your voice activated remote control (provided that it is connected to a computer-based media centre that is). Thanks to the advent of Windows 7 and Windows Vista, the beauty that is the Windows Media Center can now be enjoyed on the Xbox 360 gaming console. All it takes is a simple wireless connection, or a wired Ethernet cable and you too can be enjoying endless media options on your LCD monitor – which would have typically been reserved for gaming. Read below and discover how you too can connect your Windows Media Center to your Xbox 360:

  1. Firstly, you will need to establish a connection. Connect your Xbox to the Media center over a secure wireless signal or via a standard Ethernet cable. If you are choosing to go the wireless route then you will need to ensure that your Xbox and computer are located within a very close proximity to each other, this is to ensure a decent media signal.
  2. Once your computer is connected to your Xbox, you will need to navigate to the My Xbox tab on your console and select the Windows Media Center PC option. Select this and the Xbox will attempt to find your Windows Vista/7 PC. This may take a while depending on the speed of your connection. If it does not find anything, test the connection and try again. It also helps to have Windows Media Centre open on your desktop/laptop.
  3. Once the Xbox has found your computer on the network, it will give you a unique eight-number code that can be entered onto your computer in order to establish a media link.
  4. The rest should operate automatically from this point. Your Xbox console will load the Windows Media Center interface, and then search for any available media loaded onto your computer.
  5. Once setup is complete, sit back and relax with your voice activated remote control and enjoy the show.

Remember, your voice activated remote control will only work with a compatible computer, and not your Xbox console.

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