Windows Media Remote Control


Enjoy life, and your movies with a Windows media remote control

With a Windows media remote control, all of your videos, music, TV, pictures, podcasts, streaming radio and so much more are now available at the touch of your fingers. It used to be a real chore, having to manually configure a complicated media centre in order to view your entertainment selection – those days are now gone because you can click and scroll through a massive list using either an intuitive control scheme or even your very own voice! Yes, voice control is now entirely possible - what was once a beacon of the future is a palpable reality. Hold down one button and let your voice become the centre of all control. Some of the amazing features of a voice-activated Windows media remote control are:

  • The power of choice. You can select your media simply by name and no matter what form it is in (it could be a song, an album cover or a music video) the remote control’s software will find it.
  • An intelligent profile selection feature. Speak your name into the remote and it will load your personalized settings.
  • If you do not know what the current media is, you simply need to ask the remote what is playing and it will deliver an answer in clear English.
  • Commands such as ‘play’, ‘fast-forward’ and ‘record’ are now mapped to voice control. Instead of pushing a button, speak your command and control your media center with added ease.
  • Use the power of a hard drive to skip to any point in your media. Simply use the button or vocal commands and forward to any point in your movie or music. Cut out those five minute advert breaks!
  • Most Windows media remote controls have advanced IR operations and can actually begin to control  other IR devices connected to your LCD. Talk about convenience!

It all starts with you simply picking up the remote and speaking into it. These remote controls are very simple to use and exciting to play with. Thanks to advanced voice location technology, your speech will be picked out of a noisy room and isolated into commands. The advanced, voice controlled windows media remote control is truly here to stay.

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