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Panel Options

Controls which regions of the Amulet Movie and TV screens have panel highlights displayed. Choose from All, Info (highlight only the information panel), Menu (highlight only the media menu) or None.

Default: All

Numbered Lists

If this is turned on, the Amulet media screens include numbers beside each menu item to make it easy to select media by number as well as by name.

Default: On

Show Totals for Lists

Normally, submenu names on the Amulet media screens include the number of items on the submenu beside the name. For a cleaner look, you can turn these totals off.

Default: On

Recognize Partial Song and Album Names

Recognize Partial TV and Movie Names

Recognize Partial Photo Names

Song, album, and video title names can often be quite long. Amulet allows you to select items for playback by speaking only part of the name. If you prefer to always say the full name, you can turn these options off for improved accuracy.

Default: On

Default Music Page

Controls what Amulet does if you ask it to play music while you are watching a TV program or movie. Start Menu returns to the Media Center start page, Amulet Music displays the Amulet music page, and None returns to the page that was active before the video playback began.

Default: None