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Welcome Message

When you start Media Center, Amulet initializes its speech vocabulary and then says “Welcome to Amulet” to let you know it is ready to process your commands. To use an alternative startup message, type it here.

Default: “Welcome To Amulet”

Start Page

Amulet can automatically navigate to one of its user interface pages when it starts up, for convenience. Choose from Music, Photos, Movies, TV, Videos, Help Videos, or None.

Default: None

Automatically Show Song Window

If you are viewing the Amulet Music screen when you play music by a new artist or album, Amulet usually opens the song window automatically so you can see what songs are being played. If you would prefer this didn’t happen, you can turn off this option.

Default: On

Ad Skip Duration

Defines how many seconds to skip forward for the command SKIP OVER ADS. You can adjust this if you find the default setting too long or short for the TV programs you watch.

Default: 240 seconds (four minutes)

Show Full Category Menus

Enable this option to include additional category menus on the Amulet Movie and TV Series screens that let you view your media files sorted by years, actors, directors, etc.

Default: Off