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These settings all relate to how Amulet recognizes spoken commands.

Speaker’s Profile

Shows the currently active speech profile. You can cycle through all available speech profiles here.

Default: Default Speech Profile

Spoken Command Prefix

If you find Amulet is constantly interpreting background noise as valid commands, you can configure a special command word to be used at the start of every spoken command. This helps to reduce false matches, though is usually not needed.

Default: empty (no command prefix)

Learn Speaker’s Voice

As you use Amulet, it gradually adjusts its recognition to better match the sound of your voice. This usually works well, but if you are using Amulet in a crowded venue, where many different speakers will be trying it out, you may wish to turn learning off.

Default: On

Show Speech Commands

Controls whether speech commands are shown on the Amulet screens as they are recognized. If you prefer not to have commands displayed, turn this option off.

Default: On

Spoken Commands Confidence Level

Amulet assigns a confidence level from 30%‐100% for each recognized command. The confidence level is shown above the microphone meter in the lower left corner of the screen when you are viewing Amulet pages. If the confidence level is below the value set here, then Amulet will ignore the command rather than risk misinterpreting it.

Default: 70%

Music Commands Confidence Level

Music artists, albums and song names can be more esoteric than normal spoken English, so Amulet uses a separate confidence level when determining whether a PLAY ARTIST, PLAY ALBUM or PLAY SONG command is valid.

Default: 60%

Profile Commands Confidence Level

When you use the command THIS IS {PROFILE NAME} to switch to a different profile, your own preferred profile is not yet active. Amulet uses a more relaxed confidence level for this command to improve the chance of successfully recognizing it even when speakers have very different voices.

Default: 30%