Opening the Amulet Settings page PDF Print E-mail

For most users, Amulet’s default installation settings work well and allow you to immediately start using voice commands. For more advanced users, Amulet has many configuration settings that can be adjusted according to personal preference. These settings are described here.

To access the Amulet Settings page, navigate to the Amulet menu strip on the Media Center start page and select the Settings option.

Alternatively, use the Amulet voice command GO TO SETTINGS and you will be taken straight there.

After the Settings page opens, use the horizontal menu selector at the top to move between the General, Listener, Talker, Talker Volumes, General Volumes, and Extras screens. Each screen controls a different aspect of Amulet.

After making any changes, use the Save option on the left to save your new settings and return to Media Center. While most setting changes happen immediately, some will only take effect the next time you restart Media Center.