Adding and removing speech profiles Print
Speech Profiles

To create a new voice profile, use the speech properties page. The easiest way to get there is to use Amulet. Simply say, GO TO PROFILE EDITOR and Amulet will switch to the Windows desktop and open the speech profile editor. (See the diagram on the next page.)

Use the “New…”dialog button to create a new speech profile. You should use your own name as the profile name, to make it easy to distinguish your unique profile from other users. After entering a name, you may be prompted for the type of microphone you are using; choose “Other microphone”, and then follow the instructions to set the microphone level.

You can also choose “Delete” to delete an existing profile. (If you want to delete the currently selected profile, you will need to close Media Center first, since profiles cannot be deleted while they are in use.)

While not necessary, now is a good time to train your new profile to better match your voice. If you have a strong or unusual accent, this can significantly improve recognition accuracy. Select “Train Profile” to start a training session, and follow the onscreen instructions. For even better accuracy, you can perform a second training session.

After adding new profiles, speak the Amulet command WHAT PROFILES DO I HAVE? Amulet then makes the new speech profiles available for selection, either through voice or using the Profile button on the remote. Alternatively, simply restart Windows Media Center and they will be recognized automatically.

You are now ready to use your new profile, and can use Amulet commands and the Profile button to move between different profiles.