Amulet not responding to commands PDF Print E-mail

Make sure that the red light on the remote lights solidly while you speak your command. The logo at the top of the remote should be 6-8 inches away from your mouth when you speak. Lower the remote after speaking your command, to turn off the microphone.

Open the Amulet Music screen from the Amulet menu strip on the Media Center start page. Use the microphone meter in the lower left corner to confirm that Amulet is listening to you. As you speak into the remote, you should see the microphone level meter increasing and decreasing.

When Amulet recognizes a command, it displays a confidence level from 30%-100% above the microphone meter. If the confidence level is too low, it is displayed in red and your command will be ignored. Successfully recognized commands appear in the center of the display.

If you continue to have problems, restart Media Center and repeat the checks above.