​Pairing the Voice Remote to the USB dongle Print

During the manufacturing process, your Voice Remote is electronically paired with the USB dongle that comes in your package. In the unlikely event that the pairing established between the remote and the USB dongle becomes broken, or if you need to pair your remote with a new USB dongle, follow the steps below.

WARNING: If the USB dongle shows a solid blue light when you lift up the Voice Remote (even if the red light on the remote is not visible), then your remote and dongle are already correctly paired and you should not attempt to re‐establish the pairing.

To complete this procedure you will need a straightened paper clip or pin to reach the pairing buttons on the Voice Remote and USB dongle. The diagrams below show where these buttons are located.

To access the pairing button on the Voice Remote, you need to remove the battery compartment cover, as described in the installation guide. If you are having difficulty with the cover, the Amulet Remote Hardware video within Media Center shows you how to remove it.

You should also ensure the USB dongle is connected to an accessible USB port, and displaying a slow flashing blue light.

Use a paper clip to push the pairing button on the Voice Remote. When you are looking at the battery compartment, with the top of the remote facing away from you, the pairing button is located through a small pinhole to the bottom left of the battery compartment, where the lip of the battery cover fits in.

You will feel a distinct click when the pairing button has been pressed, and the Amulet Logo will start flashing purple. You now have 10 seconds to complete the next step.

Use the paper clip to push the pairing button on the dongle, accessed through the small pinhole near the front of the casing. Keep the button pressed in until the blue light changes from flashing to solid on the dongle. You will feel a distinct click when the pairing button pressed.

You can now remove the paper clip. The USB dongle has been paired to your Voice Remote. If you raise the remote up, you should see the logo lighting solid red to indicate an audio connection has been established.

Now you can retry any operation you have previously had trouble with.

If you take too long to complete the pairing operation, no harm will result but your remote will not be correctly paired. Simply follow the above steps from the start to try again.