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Voice Remote

As well as the standard Media Center reprogrammable buttons, the Amulet Remote also allows you to create up to four device maps, giving you the ability to reprogram any button on the remote with up to four separate functions. Buttons reprogrammed in this way are called extended keys.

The four colored buttons (Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue) at the lower end of the keypad are used to select one of four device keymaps. Pressing the green Media Center Start button in the center of the remote at any time returns all buttons to their usual Media Center functions.

For example, you may wish to control a standalone CD player with your Amulet remote. Using the Blue device keymap, you learn the Play, Pause, Stop, Skip Forward, and Skip Back keys from your original CD player remote.

Now, when you wish to control your CD player, just press the Blue button to activate the CD keys. You can now use your programmed CD buttons to control the player. They will continue to behave as CD player buttons until you press a different colored device button, or press the green Start button to return to Media Center behavior.


  • When using device key maps, any button which has not been reprogrammed will continue to transmit its original Media Center key code.

Learning procedure

To reprogram any Amulet Remote button with a new function:

  1. Place the Amulet Remote with its learning lens 2‐3 inches away from the other device’s remote control
  2. On the Amulet Remote, press the DVD Menu and OK buttons at the same time. The Logo on the remote slowly flashes light blue to indicate it is now in learning mode.
  3. On the Amulet Remote, press and release the Red, Green, Yellow or Blue button to choose the device keymap you want to use for this button.
  4. Now press and release the Amulet Remote button you wish to train (for example, Play). The Logo color turns a solid light blue to show it is waiting to receive a new key code.
  5. Press and release the button on the other remote that you are learning from. The Logo flashes light blue to indicate the code has been successfully learnt.
  6. If you wait too long before pressing the button on the other remote, the Logo flashes amber to indicate a timeout; repeat the programming from Step 2.
  7. If the Logo flashes amber after learning, the remote’s memory may be full. Erase an unneeded key code and then try again.

Repeat these steps for each new key you want to teach to the Amulet remote.

If all went well, you can now try out the newly programmed button on your Amulet Remote to make sure it carries out the expected function.

Erasing an extended key code

To erase a learnt code from a button and restore the button’s original function:

  1. Press and hold the DVD Menu button and Left navigation button at the same time until the Logo on the Amulet Remote flashes light blue.
  2. Press the Red, Green, Yellow or Blue button corresponding to the device for the button you want to erase. The Logo will continue to flash light blue.
  3. Press the button you wish to erase. The Logo changes to a solid light blue color.
  4. Now press OK to confirm the erasure. The Logo will flash light blue for several seconds to confirm the code has been erased. The button is now restored to its original function.

You must carry out the entire procedure within 10 seconds, or the erase operation will be automatically cancelled. If this occurs, the Logo will flash amber.

Erasing all learnt codes

To erase all reprogrammed buttons in a single operation, and restore the Amulet Remote to factory settings:

  1. Press and hold the DVD Menu button and Left navigation button at the same time until the Logo on the Amulet Remote flashes light blue.
  2. Press the OK button twice to confirm erasing all codes. The Logo turns a solid light blue color while codes are erased, and then flashes for several seconds to indicate successful erasure.

After this, all basic and extended device key codes will be removed and all buttons are restored to their normal Media Center functions.


  • If a key code seems to learn successfully, but your equipment doesn’t work correctly when you press the trained Amulet button, try holding the button down for several seconds. Some equipment can take longer to respond than others.