Charging Your Remote Print
Voice Remote

Your Amulet Voice Remote uses a rechargeable battery. Under normal circumstances, this should provide up to several days of regular voice use.

If the battery level becomes low, the voice capability will automatically stop functioning to conserve power, and you will no longer see a solid red light when you lift the remote up to activate the microphone. You can still continue to use buttons as normal to interact with your Media Center.

If the battery level becomes too low, normal operations will not be possible and instead, you will see the Amulet Logo flash amber whenever you try and press a key. You should recharge your remote before continuing to use it.

To charge your remote, connect the small connector on the supplied charging cable to the charging port at the bottom of your remote. Then plug the other end of the cable into a free USB port on your Media Center or a spare USB port on any other device, and your remote will start to charge.

During charging, the Amulet Logo will flash green. When charging is complete, the Logo will change to solid green and you can unplug the cable. Charging takes up to four hours for a fully depleted battery.


You do not need to wait until your Amulet Remote battery has completely run down before recharging it – you can recharge it whenever convenient, for example every night or two.