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Voice Remote

Your remote has two additional capabilities which are occasionally useful.

Deep Sleep Mode

If you are transporting your Amulet Voice Remote, buttons may be accidentally pressed in transit, or the remote may tilt enough to activate the microphone. If either occurs for an extended time, the battery will run down.

To avoid this, you can put the remote into a deep sleep. Press and hold the DVD Menu and TV Power buttons simultaneously, and the Amulet Logo will flash green twice. The remote is now asleep, and will ignore button presses and movement.

To wake it again, press the green Media Center start button in the center of the remote, or briefly connect the charging cable to a USB port.

Firmware Version Report

Your Amulet Voice Remote can report the current version of firmware it is operating. To do this, switch to the Windows Desktop and open Notepad or Wordpad.

Point the remote at your IR receiver and press and hold the Profile button in the upper right corner.

While holding Profile, press and release DVD Menu. The remote will send the version number as numeric characters which are then typed into the current document.

For example, “1*73” means the remote is using firmware version 1.73.