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Voice Remote

Your Amulet Voice Remote includes all of the standard Microsoft buttons used to control Windows Media Center. Below is a quick reminder of what they do.

Navigation Controls

The navigation controls form the main interaction point with the user interface.

Numeric keypad

The numeric keypad is used to enter numbers in Windows Media Center.

Audio / Video Controls

Use these controls to adjust the volume, mute sound and change channels. The green button takes you to the Media Center start page.

Sleep Mode

This button puts your Media Center to sleep, to conserve power, or wakes it up again.

Transport Controls

The transport controls are used to control playback of your digital music and video media files.

TV Power

You can program this button to turn on and off your TV. For more info, see the next chapter.

Shortcut buttons

These go to an experience— such as live or recorded TV, the TV guide, or a DVD—by pressing a single button.

Interactive TV buttons

These buttons are used with TV experiences such as Teletext or Broadcast Markup Language (BML).