Basic Media Center Learning PDF Print E-mail
Voice Remote

As with some other Media Center remotes, the TV Power and Volume buttons can learn IR commands from other remote controls. This makes it convenient to turn on or off your television and adjust your TV or receiver volume level from the same remote you use to control Windows Media Center.

Unlike other Media Center remotes, the Amulet remote includes an additional programmable button, the Music button (labelled with a musical note). For example, you may wish to train this button to change the source video input on your television to the Media Center display.

Programming Notes

  • The TV Power button is not assigned any initial function; it must be trained before use.
  • Normally, the VOL+ and VOL‐ buttons on the Voice Remote control the volume only within Windows Media Center. If you reprogram them, you can still adjust Media Center’s volume using voice commands.
  • You can delete the trained command from any button and it will revert to its previous function.
  • Make sure the remote you are learning from has strong batteries
  • Don’t try to reprogram buttons in strong natural or artificial light

Learning procedure

To reprogram one of the basic keys with a new function:

  1. Place the Amulet Remote with its learning lens 2‐3 inches apart from the other device’s remote control. (The learning lens is on the upper left edge of the Amulet Remote when viewed from the front.)
  2. On the Amulet Remote, press the DVD Menu and OK buttons at the same time. The logo on the remote starts to slowly flash light blue (cyan) to indicate it is now in learning mode.
  3. On the Amulet Remote, press and release the TV, VOL , VOL‐ or Music buttons, depending on which button you want to train. The logo on the Amulet Remote will show a solid light blue color to indicate it is waiting to learn.
  4. Press and release the button on the other remote that you are learning from. The Amulet Remote logo flashes light blue to indicate the code has been successfully learnt.
  5. If you wait too long before pressing the button on the other remote, the Amulet Logo flashes amber to indicate a timeout; repeat the programming from Step 2.

If all went well, you can now try out the newly programmed button on your Amulet Remote to make sure it behaves as expected.

Erasing a basic key code

To erase a learnt code and restore the button’s original function:

  1. Press and hold the DVD Menu button and Left navigation button at the same time until the Logo on the Amulet Remote flashes light blue.
  2. Press the button you wish to erase, i.e. TV Power, VOL , VOL‐ or Music, and the Logo will turn a solid light blue color. Now press the OK button to confirm. The Logo flashes light blue to indicate successful erasure and then turns off.

You must carry out the entire procedure within 10 seconds, or the erase operation will be automatically cancelled. If this occurs, the Logo will flash amber.


  • Normally, when you press a button on your Amulet Remote, the Amulet logo turns dark blue. When you press a reprogrammed button, the logo turns light blue instead. This is a quick way to check if the button you are pressing is transmitting a device code instead of its usual Media Center function.