Using the Amulet Voice Remote with Media Center PDF Print E-mail
Voice Remote

In normal use, the Amulet Voice Remote behaves like a standard remote. When you lift it up to your mouth to speak into it, however, the microphone turns on, indicated by the logo at the top of the remote lighting solid red.

If you move beyond the range of the remote’s ability to transmit voice commands, the logo shows flashing red when elevated. You will then need to move closer to the Media Center.

When the logo is showing solid red, you can talk to the Media Center. Hold the remote about 6-8 inches from your mouth when speaking. When you are finished issuing commands, simply lower the remote to turn off the microphone again.

When Media Center starts, the Amulet software loads automatically. Once you hear the "Welcome to Amulet" voice prompt, Amulet is ready and waiting for your commands.

A useful speech command to check that everything is working correctly is “WHAT TIME IS IT?” If you hear a spoken response, then everything is working correctly. The installation video will have given you some insight into the use of your Voice Remote.

Remember that while the Amulet remote allows you to do most things via voice, you can still use buttons for many operations. Some actions, such as volume adjustment or channel changing may feel more natural to do via buttons. Other actions, such as selecting an artist or TV channel are natural operations for the power of voice. Use whichever you feel comfortable with.