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Installation problems PDF Print E-mail

If you have not already done so, watch the Amulet Introduction video, via the Amulet menu strip on the Media Center Start menu, for a brief overview on how you can use your Voice Remote.

Will Amulet recognize different users? PDF Print E-mail
Speech Recognition

If required, Amulet allows you to use different profiles for each speaker. You can select your profile by simply saying "This is John" (or whatever your name is) and Amulet will then use that profile when recognising any additional commands. For more information, see the Advanced section of the user manual.

What happens when I add new music or films to my media collection? PDF Print E-mail

Amulet will detect any new Recorded TV Programs as they occur. For other media types, Amulet automatically picks up new media during its nightly scan, and you can also force an update at any time by saying "Update Music" or "Update Videos", for example.

Why do I get a random song when I skip to the next track? PDF Print E-mail

If Amulet appears to be choosing a random song when you say Next Track, check the Shuffle setting on the standard Media Center Music page - when Media Center's Shuffle option is enabled, Media Center chooses a random song in response to Next Track rather than playing songs in sequence.

Video Organization PDF Print E-mail

Amulet classifies any visual media files as videos if it cannot identify them as either TV programs or movies.

Videos you record with your digital camera are classified as Home Movies, and collected together for easy browsing.

Use the commands in this section to quickly select videos for playback, or look through all your videos for a particular title.

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