Remote Questions

Remote Questions

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Does Amulet replace my normal Windows Media Center remote?

Yes, the Amulet remote is a fully functional replacement for your standard Media Center remote control so you won't need your original remote any more.

Can I use the Amulet remote to control my other infra-red A/V equipment?

Yes, the Amulet remote has IR learning capability and you can teach it to transmit the buttons from any other standard infra-red controller. There are several directly programmable buttons on the main keypad, and the coloured macro buttons allow access to many additional learnt functions.

How long does the remote control battery last?

The battery provides up to a week of operation for normal use, or about four hours of continuous microphone operation.

How long does it take to recharge the remote?

It takes approximately two hours to fully charge the battery when completely discharged.

What is the range of the Amulet microphone?

The microphone uses wireless technology to connect back to your Windows Media Center, and will work up to 100 metres away through air, or about 25 metres in a typical household environment through interior walls.

Why won't my home-theatre PC recognize the Amulet Remote buttons?

iMonManager-smallThe Amulet Remote buttons transmit IR codes compatible with Microsoft's standard Media Center remote. Some HTPC systems come with their own remote that uses different codes, along with software to recognise the new codes. If you have such a system, and are using the iMon manager software, you can use the Settings page within iMon's setup to change the infra-red codeset back to the standard Microsoft codes. The setting is located under Remote Controller; see the accompanying screenshot for more details.