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Home Toys

"Where the interface, and the voice capabilities of Amulet excel is in finding an item from a large number of possibilities ... it is truly a powerful system."
Tom Abell,
Home Toys (review)


The Digital Media Zone

"The most innovative use of the Amulet when dealing with TV was guide navigation. Being able to instantly jump to a specific time and channel in the guide is simply awesome and worked every time."
Adam Thursby,
The Digital Media Zone (review)


Remote Shoppe

"I have a very deep and distinctive voice, and have had problems with every voice recognition product I have ever tried ... with the Amulet, I was able to navigate just as easily as my associates. I would recommend the Amulet Voice Remote without hesitation."
Jim Bask,
Remote Shoppe (review)


We Got Served

"The remote is beautifully manufactured. The voice recognition feature worked well ... for those who desire this kind of feature, this is a very cool device. "
Jim Clark,
We Got Served (review)



"I believe that I have found the best solution yet, for those who do not wish to wear a headset. The Amulet Voice Remote works extremely well with VoxCommando."
James Richards,
VoxCommando voice control software


The Media Center Blog

"It feels well made ... a quality product. Overall I am very impressed with the Amulet voice remote control."
Stuart Harrison,
The Media Center Blog (Review Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)


Using Windows Home Server

"It's a lovely device ... really holds quite nicely in your hand."
Andrew Edney,
Using Windows Home Server (Amulet unboxing)


The Digital Lifestyle

"Straight out of the box, no special training ... it works really well. I also like how you can go straight to something without having to dig deep through the menus. I have to say, I'm really impressed!"
Ian Dixon,
The Digital Lifestyle (video review)


Missing Remote

"The potential for voice has always been there, and it looks like Amulet may be the first to get it right ... I think music lovers will simply fall in love with this device."
Mike Garcen,
Missing Remote


e-Home Automation

"The new model is fantastic!"
Simon Roberts,

e-Home Automation