Amulet Launch 2nd Generation Voice-enabled Remote at CES

$149 for the Amulet Voice Remote


BOISE, IDAHO. 8 March 2010 -- Amulet Devices today announced that their their Amulet Voice Remote for Windows 7 Media Center will now be available for just $149 + shipping.

This innovative remote control, shown at CES 2010 & 2011, allows control of Windows Media Center through simple voice commands. It is fully compatible with Microsoft's Windows 7 Media Center.

With the price reduction comes the announcement of several significant new features:

EPG Search
Users can now search the Media Center program guide by voice. Simple commands such as "Search for football" or "Find program house'" now produce an instant list of matching results onscreen, and users can then choose to record or view matching programs. Keyword search is also supported, so "Search keyword comedy" will list all upcoming comedy programs.

YouTube Search
Amulet now features a fully integrated YouTube Leanback client with full voice search support. Users can search for arbitary videos, with commands like "Search YouTube For Magic Tricks", "Search YouTube For Funniest American Idol", "Search YouTube for How To Roast A Chicken", and much more.

Amulet also allows searching for videos related to the currently playing music, video or TV program with commands such as "Search YouTube For This Artist", "Search YouTube For This Song", and "Search YouTube For This Program". Users can even "Search YouTube For This Movie" to find online content related to the movie they are watching.

My Movies Support
My Movies is one of the most popular third party add-ons for Windows Media Center, and Amulet now directly integrates with it to allow playback or selection of any movie title within the My Movies database. Support for external players, auto-mounting of ISO disc images, and much more is included.

Additional Features
As well as these improvements to voice commands, Amulet now includes a new status page that gives immediate information on how much media Amulet has indexed, and other system items.

Other improvements include the ability to adjust how vocally Amulet responds to commands, changing synthetic voices with a simple command, and free form dictation input for entering text into search fields.

All of the new features are currently in external beta test, with the company expecting to release the software upgrade publically in April 2011. Existing users interested in participating in the beta program are encouraged to email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more details.

About Amulet Devices
Founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2007, Amulet Devices designs, manufactures and licenses technologies that add voice control to home entertainment and home automation systems, allowing simpler, more effective control of these systems by end users.

Amulet Devices is a Microsoft Partner and a member of the Microsoft BizSpark Program. The company is self-funded with support from Enterprise Ireland. Corporate headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland with their US office in Boise, Idaho.

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