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Amulet organizes your television programs into two categories:

  • Recorded TV includes any program that has been recorded directly on your Media Center.
  • TV Shows are programs containing multiple episodes. These include many recorded programs and also video files you may have downloaded from the Internet.

TV show episodes have both an episode name and a series name. You can select episodes directly using the episode name, or use the series name to show a list of all episodes in the series.

Why do I get a random song when I skip to the next track? PDF Print E-mail

If Amulet appears to be choosing a random song when you say Next Track, check the Shuffle setting on the standard Media Center Music page - when Media Center's Shuffle option is enabled, Media Center chooses a random song in response to Next Track rather than playing songs in sequence.

Video Organization PDF Print E-mail

Amulet classifies any visual media files as videos if it cannot identify them as either TV programs or movies.

Videos you record with your digital camera are classified as Home Movies, and collected together for easy browsing.

Use the commands in this section to quickly select videos for playback, or look through all your videos for a particular title.

Can I change the style of voice Amulet uses when responding to my commands? PDF Print E-mail
Amulet's Voice

Yes, you can easily select any installed Windows-compatible synthetic voice from the Amulet settings page, whether purchased from Amulet Devices or an independent supplier. Of course, you can also use the standard Microsoft Anna voice.

What if I forget what commands to say? PDF Print E-mail
Speech Recognition

At any time, you can say "Help" or "What can I say?" to call up an instant help screen that will guide you through the commands you can issue.

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