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To browse your Movie library, say "Go to Movies” and use your voice or buttons on the remote to flick through the collection. Browse by Genre using "Show Comedy Movies". Each movie has information from When you decide what you want, call out the Movie name and it will start to play.

Already know what you're going to watch? Just say "Play Movie Casablanca" to jump straight to that movie from anywhere within Windows Media Center.

Videos and TV Shows can be controlled and accessed in exactly the same way. TV Show information is provided by the


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Amulet lets you find any artist or band by speaking their name. Say “Play Artist Crowded House” and the music starts to play. Whether you have 20 or 2000 albums, Amulet will find what you are looking for.

When you select an artist, Amulet immediately starts to play a selection of that artist's music. Meanwhile, you can browse through a list of the artist's albums onscreen to choose a particular recording.

When you select an album, Amulet shows you all the songs on the album so you can choose which songs to play. In fact, once you have chosen an artist, you can instantly select any song by that artist in your collection.


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Say “Go to Photos” and your digital masterpieces are spread out across the screen for you to flick through with your remote – or just say “Show Slideshow Tom’s Wedding” to go straight to the collection you want.

How about an animated slideshow of your favourite photographic memories, set to music? Just say “Play Artist Dean Martin” and you have the music to match your photos.

The Amulet remote includes advanced position sensing technology, which means that Amulet only listens when you talk to it, not when you're chatting with friends or family. Amulet understands your commands and ignores your conversations.

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Make Yourself Heard

For Windows Media Center to reliably understand your commands, it must hear your voice clearly – that's where the Amulet voice-enabled remote control comes in.

Since the Amulet is a fully functional Media Center remote, you can use it the traditional way by pressing buttons to select menu options, pause and skip through video, and adjust the volume. Lift it upright, however, and you activate the built-in Wireless Digital Audio link.

Now the microphone logo lights red, and you can talk directly to your Media Center. Everything you say is transmitted to Amulet's software, where it is analysed and recognised in real time. When you're finished talking, simply lower the remote and Amulet stops listening automatically.

To ensure high quality speech recognition, the Amulet remote includes circuitry to eliminate background noise and interference. Amulet can recognise you in even the noisiest environments.

Amulet understands most people's voices with no special training. For even better performance, you can run a simple five-minute training utility.

The Amulet Experience

With the Amulet Remote, you can finally enjoy your media instead of being lost inside it. With a simple voice command, you are in control. No need to remember where everything is – Amulet remembers for you. Just ask and it's instantly available.

Amulet Features



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Say "Watch Channel TBS" and Amulet changes to that channel.

To watch that episode of Heroes you recorded last night, just say "Watch Program Heroes”. Already seen some of it? Ask Amulet to "Skip Forward 30 Minutes”.

Want to skip the ad breaks? "Skip over ads" and they’re gone.