Playing Music in Media Center using the Amulet Voice Remote

Selecting Music by Voice

Use simple commands like the following:

“Play Artist Crowded House”

“Play Artist U2”

“Play Album Sargent Peppers”

“Play Song Beautiful Day”

“Play Something Else”

“Play Someone Else”

Selecting Music Categories by Voice

From the selection of music on your system the genres and categories are automatically available.

“Play Some Hip-Hop”

“Play Some Rock”

“Play Some Classical”

Ask questions about your Music

“Who Sings this”

“What Genres do I have”

See an example of the Music page

The Amulet Voice Remote Control for Windows Media Center enables you to control all your music by Voice. Using voice activation and speech recognition technology, you can easily access all your artists, albums and tracks. All your music is indexed using standard mp3 tags allowing easy voice control.

Amulet lets you find any artist or band by speaking their name. Say “Play Artist Crowded House” and the music starts to play. Whether you have 20 or 2000 albums, Amulet will find what you are looking for using speech recognition.

When you select an artist, Amulet immediately starts to play a selection of that artist's music. Meanwhile, you can browse through a list of the artist's albums onscreen to choose a particular recording.

When you select an album, Amulet shows you all the songs on the album so you can choose which songs to play. In fact, once you have chosen an artist, you can instantly select any song by that artist in your collection, using your voice.

Amulet brings you voice activated Music. Just say what you want and Amulet controls the music playing in Windows Media Center. Using speech recognition you can choose artists, albums and songs. The microphone in our remote control means it's always ready. The microphone is only activated when you lift up the remote control. This means higher quality voice recognition and control.