Voice Activated TV using the Amulet Remote for Media Center

See an example of the Television page

Changing Channel

Say "Watch Channel TBS" and Amulet changes to that channel.

Watch Recorded TV

To watch that episode of Heroes you recorded last night, just say "Watch Program Heroes”. Already seen some of it? Ask Amulet to "Skip Forward 30 Minutes”.

Want to skip the ad breaks? "Skip over ads" and they’re gone.

Browse the TV Guide

You can browse the guide by saying channel names, days, dates and times.

"Show MTV Tomorrow" goes to MTV at the same time tomorrow.

"Show National Geographic at 11 pm" brings you to Nat Geo at 11 in the evening in the day you are browsing.

Amulet brings you voice activated TV. Just say what you want and Amulet controls TV in Media Center. Using speech recognition you can change channel, browse the EPG and schedule recordings. The microphone in our remote control means it's always ready. The microphone is only activated when you lift up the remote control. This means higher quality voice recognition and control.