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TheGreenButton relaunched

Tue, June 21, 2011 by

As many of you might know, was the online forum for Media Center users to discuss everything to do with our favorite platform. Hugely active, it had a wide spectrum of members, from Media Center experts to brand new novices, all happy to share their knowledge. Many Microsoft staff also helped out with advance info and feedback, often on their own time.

Microsoft bought TheGreenButton about three years ago, and for a while continued to run it as a (mostly) independent support forum, recognizing the value of the community that had been built up there. Recently, however, they decided to merge the site with their existing Expert forums, renaming it the “Windows Entertainment and Connected Home” forum.

Unfortunately, this had the side effect of removing the sense of identity associated with TheGreenButton, and many regular users started drifting away.

Well, good news! The original Green Button has now been resurrected at It’s completely independent of Microsoft, so conversation will likely be more forthright. The site has only been running for two weeks, but is already gaining members at a fast rate.

Why not pay a visit and find out the latest Media Center news and views.