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Tue, October 6, 2015 by

Are you a recent convert to home-automation and speech control? An existing Amulet owner interested in adding a second unit? Or just someone that likes tinkering with technology?

If so, you’ll be interested in our latest Amulet special offer. We have a small number of Amulet Voice Remotes remaining which we are selling over the next 12 days. This is your last chance to buy an Amulet!

If you thought Amulet was only for Windows Media Center users, think again. There is a thriving third-party software community built around voice recognition products like VoxCommando and others, which make it easy to add voice recognition to your automated home. Amulet is the perfect addition to any such household.

So don’t delay, buy your Amulet today. Better still, buy two! The offer ends on 18 October 2015, after which Amulet will no longer be available for purchase. (All orders ship within one working day and delivery usually takes 5-6 days within the USA.)

It’s been an exciting few years, and we’ve loved hearing from Amulet users all over the world. Thanks to everyone who has supported us in the past; now it’s time to do something else.

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