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CES 2010, Las Vegas not so hot!

Sat, January 23, 2010 by

Amulet Devices stand at CES 2010.

I had previously been to Las Vegas in the middle of a heat wave, with the temperature soaring to 50 degrees C. So I was a little disappointed to find it chilly wearing shorts! Anyway, the regular consumer electronics behemoth of a show that is CES kept us busy.

The big news was that we were showing the brand new design of our Media Center Voice Remote. It was produced from an early mold that the design house had been working on to fine tune the final aspects. It’s due to go to manufacturing in the next few months.

We had lots of interested visitors from all over the world. The initial sales drive will be focused on the US at first launch, as that is the biggest Media Center market. It should coincide well with people’s take up of Windows 7. It has Media Center right out of the box on most versions. The Speech Recognition is very good, with a slight version upgrade from Vista to the SAPI subsystem.

It’s always good to meet and talk to real users. I was very happy with the way the remote control performed. CES is a noisy environment both aurally and electronically, but the voice recognition performed excellently. It was always exciting to hand it to a stranger and see it work for them. My typical approach was to demonstrate a few commands myself and then hand it over to the visitor, then suggest a phrase or two. People were impressed to see it working in such a simple and effective manner.

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