Amulet Settings, options and their meanings

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Welcome Message

When you start Media Center, Amulet initializes its speech vocabulary and then says “Welcome to Amulet” to let you know it is ready to process your commands. To use an alternative startup message, type it here.

Default: “Welcome To Amulet”

Start Page

Amulet can automatically navigate to one of its user interface pages when it starts up, for convenience. Choose from Music, Photos, Movies, TV, Videos, Help Videos, or None.

Default: None

Automatically Show Song Window

If you are viewing the Amulet Music screen when you play music by a new artist or album, Amulet usually opens the song window automatically so you can see what songs are being played. If you would prefer this didn’t happen, you can turn off this option.

Default: On

Ad Skip Duration

Defines how many seconds to skip forward for the command SKIP OVER ADS. You can adjust this if you find the default setting too long or short for the TV programs you watch.

Default: 240 seconds (four minutes)

Show Full Category Menus

Enable this option to include additional category menus on the Amulet Movie and TV Series screens that let you view your media files sorted by years, actors, directors, etc.

Default: Off

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For most users, Amulet’s default installation settings work well and allow you to immediately start using voice commands. For more advanced users, Amulet has many configuration settings that can be adjusted according to personal preference. These settings are described here.

To access the Amulet Settings page, navigate to the Amulet menu strip on the Media Center start page and select the Settings option.

Alternatively, use the Amulet voice command GO TO SETTINGS and you will be taken straight there.

After the Settings page opens, use the horizontal menu selector at the top to move between the General, Listener, Talker, Talker Volumes, General Volumes, and Extras screens. Each screen controls a different aspect of Amulet.

After making any changes, use the Save option on the left to save your new settings and return to Media Center. While most setting changes happen immediately, some will only take effect the next time you restart Media Center.

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It can be difficult to hear Amulet talking if there is loud music or a movie soundtrack playing at the same time. To avoid this, Amulet automatically lowers the volume of music and video when it talks. These settings let you fine tune this behavior.

Adjust Volume While Talking

Amulet usually lowers the volume on music or video when speaking to you. If this setting is turned off, Amulet won’t adjust the audio volume in this way.

Default: On

Normal Music Volume

The volume level to use for music when Amulet is quiet

Default: 100%

Music Volume While Talking

The volume level to use when Amulet is talking.

Default: 30%

Normal Video Volume

The volume level to use for video when Amulet is quiet.

Default: 100%

Video Volume While Talking

The volume level to use for video when Amulet is talking.

Default: 30%

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These settings all relate to how Amulet recognizes spoken commands.

Speaker’s Profile

Shows the currently active speech profile. You can cycle through all available speech profiles here.

Default: Default Speech Profile

Spoken Command Prefix

If you find Amulet is constantly interpreting background noise as valid commands, you can configure a special command word to be used at the start of every spoken command. This helps to reduce false matches, though is usually not needed.

Default: empty (no command prefix)

Learn Speaker’s Voice

As you use Amulet, it gradually adjusts its recognition to better match the sound of your voice. This usually works well, but if you are using Amulet in a crowded venue, where many different speakers will be trying it out, you may wish to turn learning off.

Default: On

Show Speech Commands

Controls whether speech commands are shown on the Amulet screens as they are recognized. If you prefer not to have commands displayed, turn this option off.

Default: On

Spoken Commands Confidence Level

Amulet assigns a confidence level from 30%‐100% for each recognized command. The confidence level is shown above the microphone meter in the lower left corner of the screen when you are viewing Amulet pages. If the confidence level is below the value set here, then Amulet will ignore the command rather than risk misinterpreting it.

Default: 70%

Music Commands Confidence Level

Music artists, albums and song names can be more esoteric than normal spoken English, so Amulet uses a separate confidence level when determining whether a PLAY ARTIST, PLAY ALBUM or PLAY SONG command is valid.

Default: 60%

Profile Commands Confidence Level

When you use the command THIS IS {PROFILE NAME} to switch to a different profile, your own preferred profile is not yet active. Amulet uses a more relaxed confidence level for this command to improve the chance of successfully recognizing it even when speakers have very different voices.

Default: 30%

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These settings control how Amulet responds to you with spoken replies.

Voice Style

Selects which of your installed synthetic voices Amulet should use to talk to you. The standard Amulet voice is called Paul, but if you have a third‐party voice, you can select it here.

Default: Paul

Extra Vocalisation

When enabled, Amulet reads out additional information about program entries when you browse the Amulet movie, TV and video pages.

Default: Off

Stay Quiet From … Until

Tells Amulet the hours to avoid disturbing you with information messages. For example, if Media Center restarts during the night, Amulet avoids speaking its usual Welcome message so that you are not woken up if your sound system is still turned on.

Default: From 2 am to 6 am

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