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Amulet Voice Kinect – Part 2 – OpenCV, HaarTraining and HaarCascade.

Fri, March 2, 2012 by

(If you missed Part 1, which introduced Amulet Voice Kinect, read it here.)

So after deciding to see if HaarCascades would work at all with the depth-stream from Kinect, I figured I needed to give the first test the best chance of success. There was no point making a half-hearted effort, have it fail and then having to have another go because I wouldn’t have known if the failure was down to some fundamental problem with using the depth-stream with HaarCascades or just because I had poor HaarClassifiers. To give the test the best chance of success I would need several thousand depth images containing the object that I needed the classifier to recognise and several thousand negative images not containing the object. I settled on 2000 of each.